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About us

"Med Distribution" is a Tunisian company specialized in the distribution of sanitary articles. Created in 2015, in Sfax, it now occupies an important place in the wholesale and retail distribution market of sanitary products in Tunisia, and this, by always promoting the quality and sustainability of its range of sanitary products and by adopting a competitive strategy of customer loyalty.

"Med Distribution" sells a wide range of quality sanitary products:
Faucets (mixers, hoses, kits), shower cabins and accessories (columns, bars, kits ...)

A clear, rational and well thought-out vision

"Med Distribution" is now the exclusive distributor in Tunisia of sanitary ware brands: DIAMAND and AKSU Armatür, which are two of the world-leading brands in sanitary ware. This important asset, combined with the efficient and customer-oriented business practices of "Med Distribution", allowed the latter to establish a vision that can be summed up in two essential points:

  • Acquire a market share of 70%
  • Start the activity of manufacture of sanitary products by creating factories for the brands DIAMAND and AKSU Armatür in Tunisia.


Towards more proximity with the customer

L'une des One of the sure values of a successful marketing strategy, proximity to customers makes it possible to personalize the offer and promote customer satisfaction. Aware of this reality, "Med Distribution" distributes, now, its products in hypermarkets throughout Tunisia (Carrefour, Géant, Monoprix ...) in addition to distribution via its official sales outlet in Sfax.

In just two years, "Med Distribution" already enjoys a good position in the Tunisian market for sanitary products distribution. Admittedly, a difficult situation to reach in a market characterized by a heavy competition. The key factor for this success is that "Med Distribution" is the official distributor in Tunisia of two international high-end brands of faucets and shower cabinets and accessories: DIAMOND and AKSU Armatür. In addition, "Med Distribution" offers the best Value for money on the Tunisian market with warranty services and a reliable and flexible after-sales service.

"Med Distribution": Exclusive distributor of DIAMOND and AKSU Armatür:

  • DIAMOND: Subsidiary of the Turkish group "KISMET BANYO", present since 1980, the brand DIAMOND is sold in more than 30 countries. DIAMOND essentially manufactures shower cabins and accessories (columns, bars, kits ...). Its products are of a unique design and of a quality that meets the most demanding international standards.
  • AKSU Armatür: This Turkish sanitary ware company has been in business for more than 44 years and is a leader in the European sanitary market. At "AKSU Armatür", exclusive distributor of "Med Distribution" in Tunisia, taps, this element of practice and hygiene in everyday life, is an element of architecture, design and above all of superior quality.


Best value for money in Tunisia:

"Med Distribution" guarantees its customers a very competitive value for money in Tunisia on all its products. Indeed, it offers sanitary products combining world renowned quality (100% and affordable prices.

...and many other avantageous services :

In addition to its quality valve products, Med Distribution offers you advantageous services compared to its competitors. Indeed, we offer a 5 years warranty on all our products with flexible and fast delivery terms. We also offer a customized after-sales service and ensure, in case of return, the replacement of the damaged product with an other new adapted to your needs. The quality of our services has made our company one of the most efficient on the market.

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