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Med Distribution, for quality valve products

As the only reseller of Diamond and Aksu Armatür brands in Tunisia, Med Distribution offers a wide variety of sanitary products for retail and wholesale offering competitive rates.

Indeed, we offer various products such as valves (taps), mixing valves and showers, with a 5 years warranty on all our products.


Med Distribution offers a wide range of valves suitable for all tastes. From Diamond and Aksu Armatür brands, our products provide exceptional "Turkish elegance".

Indeed, we offer various models of taps: classic, traditional or contemporary with different colors and designs. Combining quality and aesthetism, our taps are the flagship products of the store.

Mixing valves

Med Distribution also offers you a variety of high quality mixing valves with a pleasant design. Thanks to its ideal size and suitable fixing system, these products can be adapted to all types of washbasins, sinks, baths, etc.

Also equipped with an efficient temperature control system, our mixing valves come in different designs and can be in perfect harmony with the decoration of different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, the shower, the bathroom, etc.


Taking a shower is not only about hygiene, it is also about comfort and pleasure ! This is how the suppliers of Med Distribution thought by developing the various shower items available today in the store.

Of course, we offer various accessories for showers from the major Turkish brands (Diamond and Aksu Armatür) offering comfort and well-being. Whether it's shower columns, shower bars, shower kits or any other accessories, all our items are practical, user-friendly and simple to install.


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